Intrusion Detection


To detect and report break-ins as soon as possible, we use our ProIPAlarm system. It’s possible to mange and visual the system yourself, thanks to the platform.

The ProIPAlarm system can be installed as an stand-alone installation, or as a multi-site, multi-user system. All types of detection are possible. If a detection occurs, the system will either contact you, or contact your guards, or contact a control center. It’s your choice.

There are 4 types of detection:

  • Periferic detection: detection outside of your building, but within your premises. Includes: active infrared, radar, fencing detection etc.
  • Permimetric detection: detection on the outer shell of your building. Includes: Magnet contacts, active infrared, vibration detection ets.
  • Volumetric detection: detection inside your building. Includes: double technology detection, wall detection etc.
  • Point detection: detection on an object. Includes: magnet contacts, weight sensors, panic buttons, etc.

Our advantage is the easy integrations with other systems, for example: access control, control center, BMS / Home automation, video intercom systems,..